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Lost & found

In this project, each of the students was given an underground line in London, based on what we meet, and what we see to create the project by ourselves. The Bakerloo Line is my given line.

I have marked the project with two interesting starting points : 

* I am really a typography person, no matter which typeface or what they look like. I will study them and research them. These typefaces shown in Charing Cross used to be printed in the newspaper. Around( 1890 - 1920 ), you can see they used different typefaces on one single image/ poster. Heading, patterns and information all got different typefaces and sizes. 


* I found out something interesting is that the TFL’s Lost Property Office has a window display where you can see a small selection of what people have lost on the tube over the years. For example :(bowler hats, phones, cameras, etc.). So if you lose something on the tube you should check the Lost Property office at Baker Street. This gives me an idea to develop my project in the future.


Based on my Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and minimalism. I have to make sure my space is clean, nothing belongs to me, and nothing disturbs my seat. This kind of (sickness) brings me an idea to become this project's main theme.

During the underground journey in the first two weeks, I collected quite a lot of interesting items, which was my starting point, so I have been collecting more and more this time. I also extend the area I collect, not just the gap between the seat, I get off each of the stations, and spend some time in each platform to find some items which are the people left behind.

Based on the items I found in the underground, I will put them into a book design, ( just like a Diary ), recording the colour, which station I get off, and the item’s name.

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