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Neon Twilight

Photography Book

Based on the project of neon sign research, observe and analyse the visual beauty of neon signboards, and then bring out the patterns of various regions through the type of signboards, and explore how neon lights enrich our street space story and continue our collective memories and pairs. Hong Kong’s sense of belonging, when the neon signs disappeared, left some good memories. The people I plan to interview, are legends, for example, Liu Wen ----- is one of the last batches of neon sign makers in Hong Kong, engaged in half-century neon work. They witnessed the development of neon lights and places. I hope that their reply and my integrated information, let the people understand how neon signs as a visual testimony to the social annual ring. I also hope that this project will give people who love street culture more perspectives, thinking and reading the possibilities of Hong Kong, making the people conscious of the function, use and local meaning. As I said before, in the late 1980s, neon light is one of the main souls in music/movie history. Through these mv/movies, I also want to bring more colour and images to the audience.

The reason I choose this topic is that I hope that through the field photography records and a book, the neon signboards that have not been dismantled will enable readers to explore various types of signboard features, as well as the visual culture, aesthetic features and traditional craftsmanship presented in them. How to construct Hong Kong street imagination and culture by the signboard. Most of my possibilities will be to create a book as my outcome, is to observe some of the little-known or neglected topics, such as the various aspects and transformations that people pursue in modern urban life. Through the book I want to create, I hope to give people a sense of the function of the place. The primary role of use and existence is to give people local meaning. It includes memory, personal feelings, experience and historical records.

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